Friday, January 17, 2014

Valentine Mini Sessions.... Yeah!

I can't believe this weather we are having in San Diego.  I will admit that I like sweater weather, but I will say that beautiful sunny days are my favorite for shooting.  So to take advantage of this incredible winter sunshine I say let's do some San Diego Mini Sessions... Valentine themed!

Those of you that know me well and shoot with me often know that I don't particularly like lots of props are heavily styled sessions.  I like thing simple.  So this is a huge departure for me from the normal.  It's not really meant to be timeless and hang on your wall huge for the next 10 years.  What it is suppose to do is make you smile and maybe giggle a little.  It is suppose to give you the chance to go a little over the top with tutu's, suspenders, hats and just plain fun stuff.  I have some tutu's on hand that people can borrow as well as giant lollipops, balloons, pearls, chalkboard signs and yes even an incredible kissing booth (Thank you to my husband for that one!).  So let's do this thing!

San Diego Valentine Mini Sessions
January 26th (yep... next Sunday!)
10 minute sessions
Digital files included

Spots are as follows 1:30 | 1:45 | 2:00 | 2:15 | 2:30 | 2:45 | 3:00 | 3:15 | 3:30 | 3:45 | 4:00 | 4:15
Booking opens up on Saturday, Jan 18th at 10am

Look on to see more photos from the sample session we did today.  It was so fun!


  1. Oh my! These are so adorable! Amazing! Looks like such a fun session!

  2. this photos are so cute! they should be in a postcard or card. JJ looks so much like Mr Chapel here!
    The little girl i liked her pink combat boots. :)

  3. Jamie...Judy T. here...WOW!!! Fabulous artistry!!