I'm Jamie... this is a picture of me shooting... it's what I love.
I also love my husband, Jack.
We have been together since I was 16.  Yep, high school sweethearts! 

The thing I am most passionate about... my beautiful children, JJ and Lilly!

So those are really the most important things about me, but here is a little more info.
      Name: Jamie Moore Chapel
      Age: Nearly 33 (yikes when did that happen?)
      Other things I love: Jesus, Sewing, Yosemite, candy, coffee and Pinterest!
      Favorite color: red
      Favorite book: Lonesome Dove
      Thing I don't want people to know:  I make myself thinner in all my photos... don't tell!
      People tell me:  I have a contagious laugh
      How long have I been doing this: Since I graduated from Brooks Institute of Photography in 2003
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