Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Session giveaway!!!

Hi friends!  Recently I have been thinking about adding a new kind of session to my business, a storytelling session.  Like the photos in this post or the previous post of my son in his super hero cape, these are the type of sessions I am thinking.  Not over the top props, but one or two props that tell a story about your child.  JJ loves superhero's and his batman pj's with cape attached are his favorite.  It was fitting to photograph him dressed up as a hero.  Also, JJ and Lilly are both very into books.  We read lots of books everyday, so a collage of the two of them reading is something special that will always remind me of this time.  Does your child have a special stuffed animal or favorite toy?  Is there a special activity that you do together everyday?  These are the stories I want to capture.

I am not sure how the pricing will work out yet, but I am going to need a few samples.  This is where you come in.  I need a couple volunteer's with young kids (4 and under) to submit their ideas for a story telling session.  I will pick two families to receive free sessions, you need to be willing to allow me to share your sessions on my blog, Facebook page and website.  Please realize this will not be a fully styled session, it needs to be simple.  No huge set ups or complex scenes.  Things like camping with the family won't work, but roasting marshmallows with dad might.  Little girls playing dress up, simple tea parties, putting on makeup, painting; all of these ideas would work.  Jack, I and the kids love to play tickle in the mornings in our bed, something like that would work as well.  Please remember this should be something that relates to your child and is special.

Please submit the idea for your story telling session by email:

I will hopefully have a number of idea to choose from and will pick the winners of the two sessions by April 26th.