Sunday, February 23, 2014

2014 Photo Challenge for Parents: Dress up

Bad, bad photographer… shame on you for not posting sooner!  Yep, that is pretty much my self dialog lately.  I have never really been good at blogging, I just get too busy with my little ones, plus I have to finish my client work before I spend time blogging, right?  With two little ones and home and a full time photography business I am not really sure how I get anything done.  So let me just apologize for not posting sooner, I really do want to try and post more in 2014.

I have a TON of client stuff to post, but I have not prepared it yet so instead… 2014 photo challenge.  Of course I made time to edit and post my own child :) it was too cute to wait.  So here is my "dress-up" assignment.

So here is my tip:  Shoot and shoot a lot.  For this particular set up I knew JJ would only give me about 10 minutes to shoot before he asked to take the cape off.  So with candy in hand (yes of course I bribed him) we got to work.  Now I did have a second photographer with me (Thank you Cyndi Hardy Photography for the beautiful photo in the archway).  Cyndi and I both took over 100 photo each in 10 minutes.  JJ was running around like a wild man so with the little direction he would take and a whole lot of frames we walked away with something pretty special… don't you think?

Follow this link to the photo challenge list in case you missed it earlier.