Wednesday, January 8, 2014

2014 Parents Photo Challenge

I took my camera into the kids room for playtime today.  No flash, I just opened the window up and used natural light.  I didn't change their clothes.  I didn't do their hair.  Heck, I didn't even wipe up their boogers.  Just my kids how they look everyday.

So my tip for today is to just let your kids be natural.  If your going out for a family portrait and paying someone to do it by all means brush hair and wipe boogers.  But for photos are home just let them be who they are.  In 15 years this is the stuff you will want to remember because this is who they are to you.

I got a bunch of cute stuff, but for the sake of the photo challenge I am only going to post one of Lilly and a little series of JJ.

Blankie is what I will be checking off the photo challenge list for Lilly

Playtime is what I will be checking off the list for JJ.  And by the way, this is SO JJ.  He loves to be just like daddy.  Measuring and building and working would be how he describes it!


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